Computer training simulators


Computer training simulators - software- or hardware-software complexes imitating real processes and situations, with a view to train personnel and develop their skills.

Computer training simulators provide proficiency training for operators, formation and improvement of skills needed for material object management. Computer training simulators must comply with requirements of training techniques and provide control over trainee’s activities. Displayable in the simulator, information and body fields of operator should be identical to information and body fields of actual equipment in their appearance and content. Computer training simulators are functionally classified as specialized, integrated and grouped.

Specialized simulator provides operator training in the scope of given specialty.

Complex simulator provides joint training for several operators in the full scale of their activity algorithms, or for one operator whose activities involve several specialties.

Grouped simulator provides simultaneous training for operators of interconnected systems.

Computer training simulators, as a rule, provide for an instructor’s workstation. Instructor defines an exercise scenario, and can also manage the training process and assess its results.

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