«The RosPolyTechSoft Corporation designs software for developing computer-based training systems, interactive electronic technical manuals and electronic catalogs. The software are developed with account of requirements of both Russian and international standards. By customer’s request it is possible to provide delivery of ready-made solutions, or their modifications considering specific requirements.

IETM Editor

This program is intended for creating and editing electronic documents meeting the S1000D standard. Such documents may contain text, static pictures and animation fragments. The program includes tools for creating and editing documentation, and also a module allowing to view existing documents. The viewing module allows searching and printing, from IETM, both an entire manual and its parts.

E-catalog Editor

This program is intended for creating and editing electronic catalogs. The editor allows creating a directory structure, forming composition of assembly units and mark drawings illustrating the directory. Apart from the editor, the supply set includes a catalog viewer which allows to search parts and assembly units, print a whole directory or its separate fragments, and form an order of spare parts.

CBTS Editor

This program is designed for creating structured training courses subdivided into sections, topics and classes. The classes consist of frames (text and graphic modules) including illustrations and text fragment. Both static pictures (format jpg, png) and animation fragments (avi, swf) can be used as illustrative material. A training course may include knowledge test measures, such as midterm tests (for a covered section, topic or class), or initial and final (qualification) exam.

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