Computer-based training systems (CBTS)

Computer-based training system is a software tool (soft complex) or soft technical complex designed to solve certain educational tasks and aimed at facilitating study of articles and interacting with the trainee.

Interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM)

IETM is a structured complex of related technical data, designed to provide reference and descriptive information on operation and repair procedures for a particular article in interactive mode.

Interactive animation task card

Electronic document, illustrated by means of computer graphics and animation, containing the instructions for the operators

Electronic catalogs

E-catalog is a logically linked data base containing full list of parts, assembly units and modules (articles to be procured), structured according to the article specifications.

Computer training simulators

Computer training simulators - software- or hardware-software complexes imitating real processes and situations, with a view to train personnel and develop their skills.

Multimedia presentations

Multimedia presentation is a specific computer program operating with video, audio and photo materials, texts, computer graphics, diagrams and tables designed for comprehensive presentation of the company’s activities and advantages of its products or services.

Computer games

Computer program, or its component, used to arrange a game process and interactions between game partners, or serving as a partner itself.


Software tools for developing computer-based training systems, interactive electronic technical manuals and electronic catalogs

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